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Josefin Crafoord is being hypnotized live on air by hypnotist Håkan Källving in a demonstration of the responsiveness of the mind through hypnosis

In August 2009 a campaign called “Sveriges tröttaste tävling” was arranged by IKEA where the idea of the contest was that the participants would try to stay awake as long as possible in the bed from IKEA’s new collection.Håkan Källving, certified clinical hypnotherapist, was invited as a guest to demonstrate hypnosis. He worked with Josefin Crafoord, one of the show hosts, in a demonstration of hypnosis and the nature of the mind.

Hypnotist Håkan Källving hypnotizes Erik och Mackan in the TV-series “Snygga och smärta” where hypnosis is used for improving athletics performances

In the Swedish TV-channel TV6:s series “Erik & Mackan – Snygga och smärta” where the hosts, Erik och Mackan, tries different methods for improving their physical shape. Hypnotherapist Håkan Källving from Hypnosinstitutet i Stockholm was hired to help out with their endeavors of getting in shape by using hypnosis as a means of tapping in to the force of the mind to enhance bodily performances.

Hypnotist Håkan Källving hypnotizes Erik och Mackan in the TV-series “Snygga och smärta” in a demonstration of hypnosis as entertainment

In the  extra material from the Swedish TV-channel TV6:s series “Erik & Mackan – Snygga och smärta” hypnotherapist Håkan Källving gets the question if he also uses hypnosis for entertainment. Källving explains that he doesn’t do that and that he only works with hypnosis in therapeutical and educational purposes.A demonstration of hypnosis for entertainment purposes is done to demonstrate the nature of the mind in order to match the profile of the show.

Hypnotherapist Håkan Källving explains hypnosis and the functions of the mind in TV Nord

In a school project done by media students hypnotherapist Håkan Källving is interviewed and answers questions about hypnosis, the mind and several of the misunderstandings there is concerning the subject.One of the students also gets hypnotized to practically and subjectively be able to feel how hypnosis feels like.

Newspapers & Magazines

“Toppa formen med hypnos” – article in Fitness Magazine nr 5/2007

“Nyfiken på Hypnos” – article in Kollega June 30, 2010

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