This subject has long remained a mystery that we have known very little about. Thousands of pages have been written advising us to cast off our negative attitudes and think positively. We read the words, agree with the principles, but continue to act as our old, established habits dictate. The conscious mind agrees but the subconscious does not, creating a stalemate.

Since we spend our lives doing what we feel like doing the first prerequisite for change is that we really feel like doing that we set out to achieve.

How often do we not here things such as: – I know I can do it if I really wanted to. If I just put my mind to it…

Another classic would be: Once I have really decided to: do/begin/stop…this and that, I know I can…

Or: – I will as soon as things have quiet down a little, right now is not really the time for it.

If willpower were the key people would not have any problems whatsoever to change since they would then just through their will achieve the results they set out for. Neither do we experience change through talking about it since we do that all the time and would then get results accordingly. And we certainly do not achieve it through longing for change any more than the desire for food would fill an empty belly. The only way to achieve change is to initiate a process for change; you will learn how to apply this technique through self-hypnosis.

There are obvious reasons why, for instance, New Year’s resolutions are being broken, often already in January. This is due to natural laws and universal principles, how the conscious and the subconscious parts of the mind get in conflict. Here is the rule: the more conscious the effort, the less subconscious response. The feeling mind (the subconscious) is dwelling and growing stronger the more it is being held back.

Example: A woman who has decided to stay on a strict diet is being invited to a grand, magnificent wedding were the most divine, scrumptious dishes are being served. However, she decides to just go for the veggies in order to stick to her diet. She has a passion for chocolate and now sees the most divine chocolate cake she has ever seen. As determined, as she is though to stick to her diet, she will now practice willpower. At this point she gets feedback from her subconscious mind which is now being put on auto-pilot and says: – I want that chocolate cake and if you won’t give it to me I’ll show you who’s the boss. As soon as you’re off this diet you’ll give me anything that I want and you know it.

Any time there is conflict between the two levels of the mind the subconscious is always the dominant one. Diet is a good example where people who traditionally get on it often gain 10 to 15% more than they first had when they started.

We achieve change through feeding our sub-conscious mind with detailed and specific information. How is this done?

It’s done through self-hypnosis >>>