Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Hypnosis for quitting smoking has its own tab for two specific reasons. On the one hand, this is the single largest application area that people have sought help for since 2000. In addition, a system is being completed where the effective method that has been developed over many years will be able to be used interactively in a smoother way than ever before. Until this system is completed, there is still the possibility of private sessions for this. The system then replaces private sessions for smoking cessation altogether.

Quitting smoking, as it is often said in the vernacular, is a wrong expression if one is to be correct as it is basically about getting rid of smoking. To free oneself, to free oneself from it simply. For the same reason, it is not smoking cessation but just smoke-free to be correct. To be free from it versus breaking a habit. Quitting smoking through hypnosis, or smoking hypnosis as it is sometimes called, the traditional method through hypnosis is often based on hypnosis combined with suggestions in different forms and variants where the hope is that these patterns will etch and create changed feelings and thoughts about smoking, the experience of it, etc. Although hypnosis is used effectively, the more traditional methods of quitting smoking with only hypnosis & suggestions have not generated the same good results in either quality or quantity that this method produces. This is not about something that is randomly distributed throughout the population, but a formula based on how dynamic processes are initiated in humans and what happens in the brain’s reward system in the event of smoking cessation, before changes of this kind and the whole required to really get a lasting change.

The freedom method is about making an informed choice based on completely different conditions versus “quitting smoking” the traditional way. This system and method is based entirely on how the human brain and its reward system already work, how they create anxiety, fear and frustration that completely block the chances of getting rid of cigarettes in a sustainable way. Here you instead free yourself from smoking and feel like doing it and experience it as a liberation in the process.

For more direct information and the opportunity for individual direct help to become smoke-free, choose any contact route here and you will get help to get rid of smoking once and for all (also works for snus).