Transforming Therapy

  • Transmutes fear into courage
  • Sorrow into joy
  • Anger and resentment into understanding and love

This golden formula is based on timeless spiritual philosophies and advanced knowledge of the psychological actions of the mind.

Transforming Therapy is a naturalistic approach that avoids psychological jargon and unproven theories and instead focuses on filling our deepest needs and realizing our highest potentials. 

Because there is neither doctor nor patient, there are equal rights and responsibilities. Since neither therapist nor client is "superior" to the other, the feelings of trust and caring emerge quickly to bond the relationship. The Transforming Therapist provides a caring, personal relationship, which at its highest expression is best defined as "Divine Love."

Transforming Therapy Removes The "Blindfold" That's Been Stopping And Keeping Us From Realizing Our Highest Potential.

Transforming Therapy helps us rewrite "the negative scripts of the past." It can clear and transform our self-induced blindness to our own abilities. We can become conscious of ideas fixed in our subconscious mind. Transforming Therapy gives us the choice whether we want this to affect us or not, and redirect our thoughts to more beneficial behaviors.

(Now, at this point, suggestion therapy becomes effective, after having fully processed the other steps, and dealt with the underlying issues). *

Hypnosis opens the door to our inner mind and creative intelligence that knows all the answers and has all the solutions. Transforming Therapy guides us toward fulfilling our deepest needs, and realizing our fullest potential.

It Is Never Too Late To Have A Good Childhood


*Never See Any Hypnotherapist Before Reading This Brief Message.

First make sure that the person you are about to see is certified and belongs to an organization. Then, check the requirements that organization has for giving certificates.

Some say that merely suggestion therapy works for everything – Big Mistake!

Suggestion therapy is wonderful when used properly at appropriate times. However, when there are conflicting underlying issues present, these have to be dealt with first or the suggestions will be ineffective. After having fully processed the underlying issues, when they've been completely dissolved and transformed, that's when suggestion therapy becomes effective and beneficial.

Unfortunately, much of the teaching of hypnotherapy is rather brief and superficial. Many hypnotists worldwide have only learned suggestion therapy. But because that's all that they do, they don't get the quality and the quantity of results that this kind of work produces. They're always looking for scripts, (frequently asked questions on hypnotism news groups on the internet: I need a script for such and such, I need a script for so and so) – the scripts don't do it – the work does it. And at the right time, the suggestions can be effective.

It's actually like gardening, you must prepare that soil, before you sow the seeds, and if you give those suggestions without doing the work, then just as stony ground or untreated ground that you haven't prepared will not nurture the seed, in the same way that the subconscious will not nurture the suggestion.