Let’s start off by getting one thing straight once and for all: All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis since it is an internal process. The only difference is that self-hypnosis is being practiced when you are by yourself while hetero-hypnosis includes another person, a hypnotist, who functions as a guide for you. However, you are always the one in charge, the one who is doing the hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is a shortcut to personal change

Self-hypnosis is absolutely the best way to achieve change since we then have direct access to our creative intelligence (our subconscious mind) without having our engineering mind (the conscious) being there to analyze each and every new incoming idea. During this state of total physical and emotional relaxation, we can look at it as a rheostat of an old stereo set. If the knob is being turned all the way to the right, it seems as if all music comes from the right circuit and that the left side is silent, know it hasn’t disappeared, it is just temporarily inactive. Just as if it is turned all the way to the left it will seem as if all music comes from the left speaker and that the right circuit has disappeared. It has not, it is just passive. You can turn the knob back to the middle again anytime you choose and the music will then be heard from both speakers. In other words, you can turn on your rational, analyzing thinking any time you choose but will most likely not feel like doing it since you would rather enjoy this wonderful state of pleasant relaxation.

Here is your chance to experience and learn this wonderful skill. That is a treat you can give yourself.